COVID-19: Are We Really Fighting it Together?

So, are we really fighting COVID-19 together?

Is this cruel cause of the crisis is not so cruel?

Is it because the Universe loves us and wants us not to enter into a space of extinction?

Again I want to ask you ~ are we really fighting it together?

For some, this would be still a big NO. 

But, everything that has happened in the country after the outbreak of Coronavirus, has immensely touched the souls of many Indians. For some, it felt like that special emotional chord of the intrinsic human nature was somehow found.

India Being
Fighting COVID-19

Be it the Initial Janta Curfew announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi or “the clapping program on 22nd March 2020” for five minutes at 5 PM or the “Lightening program on 5th 2020” at 9 PM for 9 minutes, it all moved the nation. The solidarity and unity with which the country came out together brought many into tears. 

Have you ever thought of such a time in over a decade, when civilians are shouting in solidarity, from top of their homes, slogans like “Bharat Mata ki Jai” & “Vande Mataram”? 

Just wanted to share with you my side of the story

So, I’m an extremely emotional person. I live alone as my parents have passed away. And, since, I’m not sure if I can really live who I actually am, I don’t prefer living with a room partner. While I like being alone in my space (probably because I cannot dominate people and convince them into doing what I want to do). 

I’m a writer by profession. So when the story of the corona just entered into our lives (it was I think the beginning of February 2020). It was nothing too serious about India. Just after a few days of the bushfire crisis in Australi that burnt many animals to death, I was preparing to write something about Coronavirus and the lives it had affected in China. Believe me, I never knew that just one or two articles are not going to do, this is going to be a part of my work for quite a large span of time. 

So, it was probably, beginning of March that the concern in India started taking a toll. And, when the news about lockdown, quarantine, social-distancing reached us, I was so petrified with no one around. I literally felt bad for myself. But, the day I saw people clapping, banging on to anything they could have managed to find, blowing Shankha (a spiritual instrument whose sound is believed to be so powerful that it can kill any negative energy). That day, I was on my terrace clapping & capturing the moment like crazy and then someone from the neighborhood (I never had met) smiled at me. It was so moving! That day, I felt, no I’m not really alone.

This was my part of the story. All I was trying to say that never have we seen this solidarity. But, of course, if you will look at the negative side of it, we are all together at this moment, because God has conspired this enemy for us.

Understanding Why God has Conspired this Enemy for us?

“Yada yada hi dharmasya

glanir bhavati bharata

abhyutthanam adharmasya

tadatmanam srjamy aham”

That was what Krishna said to Arjuna during the Kurukshetra.

So, has that happened again? Probably yes, but this time in a different way! Because God wants his creation to thrive & exist. The destruction of the world is yet not destined (probably). 

If you have the habit of looking into the upside of anything or any situation, you will realize, how this whole thing or the whole process is helping us.

The Universe is healing!

COVID-19 is Healing the air that we breathe in.

It’s healing our minds & mindsets.

The crisis of Corona is bringing nature to the very novice state when it was born from the womb of the almighty.

COVID-19 is giving us time to contemplate and reset our lives to where we started.

When I look at the trees, gaze at the sky, hear the chirpings of the birds – it all seems so fresh as if something just came out from the production unit & has been deployed into space all through the earth. 

If you have ever read the book on healing or positivity (like the power of positive thinking), you will understand how that makes sense.

There is something really good about Coronavirus. It has helped us learn the importance of things we have rather than complaining about things that we do not have. 


So, while there is this lockdown in our lives, let’s live! Till there is social-distancing in our lives, let’s take care of our social responsibilities. When we are self-quarantined, let’s calm our minds. Till there is not going out, let’s do it right. 

Once you tap your fingers on the pulse of nature, and you will get the answer on how & why this was all necessary. There was so much happening around. Humans with their desire for luxury had so much burdened the earth that it suddenly got flat. I

There was pollution, population, hatred, disputes, jealousy, unnecessary boasting of oneself & much more of negativity. Therefore, maybe it’s not right to say, maybe a country has conspired this attack of coronavirus, but it has given nature a break. 

Enjoy this incredible time of your life, because you are going to be a part of history. To read more such articles and bring positivity in times of despair visit

Stay Home, Stay Safe!


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