We at India Being are driven by the protagonistic thought of making the nation or the world at large (through a broader perspective) a better place to live. Not letting anything except humanity to be the base of living a life. 

With that single thought of “a world without differences”, we have started this Crusade to Transform the World. 

We at Indiabeing.com value humanity and its basic intrinsic qualities including compassion, love, affection & Unity. We are devoted to developing content and to accumulate all the knowledge of the universe that would show us all ONE SINGLE path of HUMANITY.

Here’s how we work toward our Crusade to Transform the World:

  • We create content that matters not only to India but to the world at large.
  • We success stories from around the globe to ignite the fire to do something of value.
  • With unfathomable faith and immense conviction, we believe that the limited resources we have to support our initiation, won’t become a hurdle.
  • We just want to propagate the message of love ~ love towards once people, love towards once profession, love towards the universe, nature, the uncountable precious natural resources & everything we are blessed with.
  • First, we function by providing our readers with real-life stories of real-heroes who have made their way to success through their relentless commitment & never-dying strength and have turned around despair into hope.
  • Second, with more such stories we seek to motivate our readers to at least do an act of goodness every day. Our service to people aims at making them ready to do service to the society.
  • Third, through our website, we will connect people who need help & the ones who wish to help. We have a list of NGOs working all over in India. Our volunteers or anyone who wishes to volunteer can connect and register someone in need (the person himself can also register if he can). We will then send the data to the concerned NGOs to which can suitably address the person’s needs and help him. They will keep an eye on the data sent to each NGO until the list gets completely cleared.
  • In addition to this technical process, the team is all prepared mentally to be of utmost help to these people in need.

All we are is ONE ~ A whole SINGLE entity! Let’s make something good out of who we are & we would then successfully ward off the fear of falling into the KALYUGA phase!!

Anyone who wishes to volunteer can drop us a mail  at Indiabeing1924@gmail.com