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Do you feel like a sudden whim of inspiration and then in the other moment it disappears? Do you want to keep yourself motivated throughout? Do you want that fire to keep burning as long as you live? Do you want that zeal to be filled in every part of your being?

Inspirational Stories

India being brings you (our readers) with their daily dose of inspiration. Every week we’ll share inspirational stories with our readers across the globe. Every moment you’ll feel like deviating from your path, we’ll get you other INSPIRATIONAL STORIES and bring you back to your path. 

The idea is to create an environment wherein you can understand how legends in the past & in present have made it in their life with consistently working towards their goals. Talk about Steve Jobs, A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Kalpana Chawla, Mark Zuckerberg, Mother Teresa – each of them had clarity & the strength to live their dreams every single moment. 

It is not about how BIG your DREAM is, it is about how FAR you go!! 

India Being has initiated “A CRUSADE TO TRANSFORM THE WORLD”. We feel that this transformation has to be a collective effort. The goal to make the world a better place to live will only happen if every single person fights through their own journey faithfully, honestly & consistently. India Being supports the theory, “it’s never late to dream & to work towards those dreams”. 

With a variety of inspirational quotes, inspirational stories, inspirational movies, inspirational thoughts – India Beine aspires to ignite the fire in the minds of millions of people throughout the globe. We don’t sell commodities, we don’t sell ideas, we don’t sell thoughts – we share them! The aim is to inspire people, help them keep always on track, and make the world a better place to live. 

Jim Boswell, the great biographer of the 17th-century had very rightly weaved these thoughts in his poem, which is:


When others say “It’s hopeless and it really can’t be done.”

When they tell you “It’s all over. It’s a race that can’t be won.”

And they promise “You could spend your life just lying in the sun.”

Follow your dreams boy. Follow your dreams!

When the people you admire, but who wouldn’t understand,

Tell you “Other roads are safer. Your dreams are much too grand.”

Or the doubters and the tempters try to take you by the hand.

Follow your dreams boy. Follow your dreams!

You should listen to the counsel of the people that you trust.

But don’t be turned aside just because they might get fussed

You live the life that in your heart you know you really must.

Follow your dreams boy. Follow your dreams!

There is nothing you can’t conquer if you believe you can.

No mountains you can’t straddle, no oceans you can’t span.

Just conjure up a vision and set yourself a plan.

Follow your dreams boy. Follow your dreams!

~ Jim Boswell

In a similar vein, India Being has taken over the responsibility to INSPIRE and EMPOWER! We can together bring out the change the world needs at this moment. If one group takes ONE agenda each and work honestly on it, CHANGE is inevitable. 

Let’s vow that we’ll work together for the betterment of society!

Let’s vow, we’ll aspire confidently for what we want!

Let’s vow we’ll keep being inspired by stories of the achievers!