What’s in the Name – “Mohammed Qasim”

What is it Like Being Killed Because you Belong to some other creed, caste, or color? What is it like not being able to get in a group even if you want to? What is it like not getting a job even if you have the skills needed? It’s frustrating! Where is that Love for Each Other?

The Hurtful Story

A man was shot because of his name! He was Mohammed Qasim and that raged the assailant with anger. It’s another matter if he was someone a good or a bad man, but the question here is what was there in the name.

It seems that this hatred is never going to end, not unless Vishnu comes to this mass human rescue. Every day it’s taking another form, every day it’s reaching to a higher level. How are we going to stop this?

The Good Turning into Bad

Read the “The Secret” or “the law of Universe”! It says the more you think about something, the more your body, mind, and soul starts taking that shape. And, if someone is continuously treated in a hopeless way he will gradually take that shape.

For a handful of rotten potatoes, you can’t stop eating them. You can put a tag on them “the rotten potatoes”. There ought to be a lot of it healthier, tastier, and fresh. So, why have we put in a certain tag to a community or a group as good or bad?

The idea is to take out those pieces of rotten potatoes from the bunch. And, the next step should ideally be figuring out if any portion of it could be eaten. In the worst case, in the end, after all the attempts, we have to throw them into the dustbin. But, you cannot throw the entire bunch because of the one.

Similar is the case with a community or a group. As sensible human beings, and those who consider themselves so should find ways to figure out the key culprits of any community. Why the hell everyone has to suffer.

Love has unfathomable Power

India being
The Power of Love

We can fight any kind of hatred if there’s enough love. Imagine how a human with almost 100 times less physical strength starts controlling an elephant. Can you imagine what if that elephant the tiny human in front of it? But, it won’t! This is nothing but the love that has satiated its soul.

So, pouring in some love in every act we do can solve a lot of the issues deteriorating the strength of the society. Don’t judge a person by his name, his color, or by the place he belongs to. He may be a better person than you are. If this way of life gets into the blood of every person on the Earth. No one has to feel left out. Let’s initiate this crusade to stop making more of Mohammed Qasim. Let’s make it a hopeful place to live.

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