My Learning Journey in 2020

MY learning Journey in 2020
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My journey through 2020, like a lot of us, has been about learning! In the beginning, when the first wave of the pandemic hit us, I was all but kind of sad, but at the same time amazed with something so unique that has never happened through my lifetime (of course, like most of us). Suddenly, I had all the time in the universe to make plans, dwell on them, and make them happen. This has never happened before, and I could not have even imagined something like this coming.

I was like– I started planning how I can achieve all those dreams I have nurtured all through my life. I started preparing my list, and I was surprised how something new came up every day. Many of you might feel offended, but I started enjoying the fact that, Ok — that was great God had planned something like that for us.

1. Learned — How to Learn

So, let me tell you, what all my bucket list dreams I’m talking about, and how I made them happen. Here’s my list of things I learned on my journey that started with the pandemic crisis.

A lot of you might get perplexed– what does that mean? Ok, let me tell you, the best thing I learned through my 2020 journey was “the right learning process.”  After a lot of contemplation, I realized that ‘learning’ itself is a skill many people don’t learn. 

Before venturing into learning a new skill, you need to know the right way to go about it. When you know exactly where to proceed, the results are evident, and you feel confident about it. So, that was the most important skill I learned through my journey in 2020.

2.Started Learning Guitar

Music has always gravitated me towards itself– may be from the day I was born. In my childhood, my siblings would call me ‘Radio Station’– because I was singing almost all day. In my subconscious mind, I had always nurtured the wish to take formal training in music, in some form. 

Sitting home, with all that time when I could contemplate in the darkest of the nights, I realized– so now when I have money, resources, why am I giving it a second thought. The same day, I ordered a guitar online and enrolled in an online guitar class.

3.Learned Digital Marketing

It’s been quite some time; I’m into content writing. Throughout my journey, every now & then, I have realized that as a content creator for the digital landscape, you need to be adept with the nuances of the space where your content will be placed. This has always been in my mind, but because of the work & time constraints, I have not been able to make it happen. 

Thanks to coronavirus, 😂😂 it gave me time to dwell upon my wish to learn digital marketing and improve my career. 

The rest of the Projects & Skills I have started working on are:

My Website (


Canva Uses

Content Writing course

Content writing workshops (Contnetvidhya)

Masters in English…

So, altogether, it has been a great year, in terms of learning, understanding of the self & the world around.


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