The aim is just to make a difference harnessing the power of the Internet! The aim is simply to check every thought & every step you take to ensure how it can bring about a change. 

India Being

Every turn you take, every paper you flip through, there is something negative waiting to occupy your mind. With this perennial negativity, you undoubtedly need a platform that could take you through the journey of positivity.

A positive mind that tends to talk only about the beauty of a half-filled glass than focusing on it being half-empty, is the happiest of all. 

India Being is an attempt to bring your focus towards the beauty of the glass being half-filled. With an assortment of great stories & anecdotes related to “women”, “Freedom Fighters”, “Great Monks”, “Differently-abled” personalities, and more, you will come to the realization of finding the greatest happiness in life in the smallest of things.

Here’s how India Being will help you with your endeavor towards a happy & satisfied life:

  • With a range of extremely inspiring stories of courage, exceptional work, and more from different parts of the world.
  • With plenty of motivational quotes, motivational poems, motivational movies, and about various motivational speakers who have become an antidote for many out there.
  • With deep & well-researched talks on various social issues that have been eating up the society like a termite – like women, illiteracy, poverty, environment, abandonment of elderly. And more.
  • With the latest developments happening in India & around the world towards making people more aware – with the latest news.
  • With India Being exclusive “Help Corner” wherein a list of authentic & verified NGOs working for different causes will be provided to help & connect those in need with the ones who are willing to provide help.
  • We also have a “Write for us” corner where you can help us by sharing articles talking about anything that can be an endeavor towards the upliftment of the society.

We are given a very limited time on this earth and the faster we understand this fact, the better our lives will become. 
Let’s work together & begin your “CRUSADE TO TRANSFORM THE WORLD”!!